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Hamsters are descriptions of items after they have been swallowed up by holes. The entries are divided by location. They are written from BK's perspective.

Trashopedia entries[]

Potter's Rock[]

Entry Description
Barrel Cactus You may think there's loot inside because it says barrel. But it's full of spiders.
Cardboard Box It's a free house. Don't let it get wet.
Cave Go in here if you want to get yelled at by coyotes.
Coffee Mug Coffee rules. It burns your tongue and makes you go to the bathroom.
Helmet Protects you from cows (?)
Swimming Pool Do not try to wash cotton candy in the pool. This tip will save your life.
Bone You can make your own bones at home.
Dog Dish Drinking from this is like kissing a dog, but not as fun.
Donut Rock It's a rock. Don't try to eat it.
Kiln Just a normal stove that you fill with mud.
Potter's House Potter & Pup used to live here.
Paper Ball Sometimes you can find good ideas inside.
Picnic Bench How many birds are you willing to fight for a bag of chips?
Pot (Cylinder) Easy to knock over.
Pot (Inverted) Check the bottom for bugs.
Pot (Large) Idk. It's a pot.
Picket Fence Usually a good sign there's trash nearby.
Pottery Wheel Spins mud around. For fun.
Pot (Bottom Heavy) Another pot, wow.
Pueblo Wall A hiding wall. Good for peeking.
SOLD Sign Someone bought this sign, in case you were thinking of buying it yourself.
Spyglass This tube lets you see spies. It doesn't help you catch them, though.
Chiminea Makes your eyes cry when you stick your head in.
Succulent Child's safety cactus.
Suitcase Climb inside for a free ride.

Ranger Station[]

Entry Description
Chicken Its one thing to own a chicken, but two chickens... thats two things.
Bucket A large mug for dirt lovers.
Wooden Fence You're always on the wrong side of it.
Chicken Coop The wire allows you to grab the egg and pet the chicken.
Tire Gloves for your car.
Ranger Station Wood jail for freaks.
Megaphone Plastic bird that scares you.
Snake Alive spaghetti.
Cool Snake Alive spaghetti with the ability to hate.
Chicken Swing If your chicken doesn't have a swing... wow.
Hanging Sign No one knows what it says.
Big Red Button Only monsters don't press the button.
Snake Sign Tells you what temperature the snakes are.
Snake Cage Snakes go to die here.
Watertower It's shaped to look like a big bird.
Walkie Talkie Tune in to spy on the government.
Searchlight DO NOT get spotted.


Entry Description
Salt's Trailer Portable outhouse.
Ukulele Piece (Bottom) Half of a mouse guitar. Has the word "Forever" carved into it.
Fast Food Tray Free sled.
Drink Cup Press the buttons on top to select your flavor.
Fries Holder Extremely terrible way to keep your fries safe.
River Fish You can tell a fish your secrets, they won't remember anything.
Tennis Ball Tennis balls only grow in hard to reach places.
Drinking Bird Tell me how to get ate by a bird. Tell me.


Entry Description
Corn Cob Someday everything will be made of corn.
Corn Cart Why waste a good cart on anything besides hotdogs?
Mesa Rocks were given to us by aliens.
Milk Crate This is probably the worst place to pour milk into.
Camping Soup Bowl Try washing yourself with soup. You might feel good.
Camping Tent Fake house that's easy to steal from.
Popcorn Corn that was punished.
Campfire An early type of television.
Soup Can A small food fortress.
Coyote's Tent You can live inside this if your house gets full.
Crow If you make a crow mad, it will steal your credit card number.

Hopper Springs[]

Entry Description
Carrot (Small) One of the most random vegetables.
Carrot (Big) WOw. Why is it so big?
Carrot (Growing) Carrots grow underground and are therefore extremely untrustworthy.
Carrot House (Broken) Imagine loving carrots so much you wanted to live inside one.
Bunny (Brown) Bunnies love to chew on stuff because of their evil nature.
Bunny (Grey) Bunnies want to destroy everything and they don't know why.
Baby Bunny Cute, but I will not be fooled.
Dirt Pile There's no taste like fresh dirt.
Garden Shovel Dirt spoon.
Plant Pot If you put seeds inside and water it every day, it's still boring.
Weird Succulent Clearly designed by aliens... does no one else see it?
Stepping Stone You can step on this if you hate dirt.
Metal Fence Provides minimal cover.
Old Television Early type of tablet from when it used to be a piece of furniture.

Joshua Tree[]

Beach Lot C[]

Beach Lot C

Beach Lot C

Joshua Tree[]

Entry Description
Joshua Tree Old and ugly tree. There’s usually a bobcat scowling on top of them.
Laptop Pour a glass of water on this and scream.
Saucepan Gets really hot to protect the food inside.
Barbeque The opposite of a refrigerator.
Coal Barbeque batteries.
Desert Bush Rude style of grass.
Jumbo Rock Kinda weird how large and perfectly shaped these boulders are...
Round Rock It’s like the aliens are mocking us.
Desert Chair Folds up when you least expect it.
Ukulele Piece (Top) Mouse guitar. This piece says, “Best Bros”.
Pepper’s Trailer A dumpster you can attach to your car.
Pepper’s Truck A dumpster you can drive.
Entry Description
Beach Bonfire

Everyone is weak to fire.

Beach Cliff

Cliffs are a type of trap created by aliens.

Beach Corn

This corn has white stuff on it and spicy stuff. It's really good.

Popcorn (Sandy)

You have to fight a seagull to get this. The texture is highly regarded.

Book (Yellow)

You can't make me read. I'm not gonna do it.


99% of seagulls are criminals.


You can use fireworks to remove hair.

Fireworks Stand

A spicy candle store.

Picnic Basket

Pretty common type of treasure chest.

Takeout Cup

Don't drink immediately. Wait until all the fizz is gone.

Fries Holder

Seagulls love french fries because it's the main crop of their homeland.

Morsel's Convertible

Morsel has a nicer car than I do.

Gecko Park

Entry Description
Book (Blue) Probably a book with proof that aliens exist.
Book (Red) Probably a book about something boring like collectible spoons.
Coco's House How does he fit inside?
Coco's Oven Mitt Keeps your hands warm.
Coco's Phone He has 9999 unread emails.
Drying Rack Punish your clothes for getting wet
Lawn Flamingo The only good bird is a fake bird.
Lounge Chair A chair that wishes it was a bed.
Personal Fan Talk into this to sound like an alien.
Coco's Radio The human ear can hear over 100 songs.
Sprinkler Put this in your house to keep things damp.
Trash Can Needs no introduction. The gold standard.
Gecko Imagine if your feet were sticky all day.
Gecko (Small) If I had sticky feet I'd walk on the ceiling and scream.
Gecko (Big) I'm going to get sticky feet. I'm going to do it. You can't stop me.
Coco's Vibraphone Coco plays this every day to make his neighbors mad.
Vibraphone Mallet Doesn't hurt too bad.
Donut Display Case This is property of Donut County. Send it back immediately.

Chicken Barn[]

Entry Description
Barn (Small) This might grow up to be a real barn someday.
Chicken Monument I won't bow down to a chicken. Ever.
Clipboard If you carry this and look mad you can walk into anywhere.
Crate (Small) If it doesn't have a crate, it's not a videogame.
Egg Eggs saved my life. True story.
Flour Expensive sand.
Hay Bale Farm tubes. No purpose.
Icing Bag The good part of a donut.
Ladder Walking under a ladder isn't just bad luck, it's embarrassing to the ladder.
Orange Scoop out the inside before you eat the rind.
Farm Truck ANY truck could be carrying a pig. But not this one.
Raccoon Scooter This thing goes from zero to sixty in sixty seconds.
Farm Shovel The old way of making holes.
Silo If you can get into one of these, you're rich.
Strawberry Who will invent the next strawberry?
Watermelon If you eat the seeds you might turn into a watermelon.

Honey Nut Forest[]

Entry Description
Bee Bees are very hyper and they like to kiss their mom's butt.
Forest Shed If you sleep in your shed, no one will steal your tools.
Beehive A piece of fruit that bees love to hang out in.
Honeycomb Sheet Bees are always making dessert.
Bee House Bees rent apartments from their mom.
Bee Smoker It's a watering can but for making bees tired.
Forest Frog You can predict the weather based on the time between a frog's croak. Sometimes its wrong.
Honeycomb Sticky. Rub this on your stuff to make it harder to steal.
Pinecone Pinecones make no sense. It's not a good fruit.
Bearclaw's Phone There are no games on it.
Bearclaw Scooter It's out of gas.
Stump A seat that creates bugs.

Cat Soup[]

Entry Description
Soup Bowl Soup has many health benefits if you sit in the pot long enough.
Restaurant Stool Use this to reach the food. Polite to put your butt on this.
Metal House So many houses aren't made out of candy.
Cat Soup What can I say? I hate it.
Wood Platform Why is this in the Trashopedia? Who cares?
Tablecloth Use this to wrap up your food when you’re done.
Restaurant Candle Candles get better the more you have. At least 1000 is a good starting point.
Cockroach Not a big deal. I got like 100 of these at home.
Condiment Cart Free food. You don’t even have to buy anything.
Measuring Cup Turns food into math.
Recipe Book It’s bookmarked, “Secret Soup Recipe: 2 shakes salt, 3 shakes pepper.
Restaurant Crate It’s rude that I can’t fit inside.
Soup Pot Food only garbage can.
Saucepan Sometimes there’s breakfast inside.
Salt Shaker Use salt to make food taste like the ocean.
Pepper Shaker Add pepper if your food taste too good.
Broth Can Soup was invented.
Chef's Hat Chefs use this hat to imagine what it’s like being an onion.
Chef Bird You can let a bird cook...but don't let it feed you.
Chef's Car Honk if you were a goose in your past life.
City Building Some apartments don’t allow pets but you can keep bats if you pretend to be upset about it.

Donut Shop[]

Entry Description
BK's Car There's a lot of good trash in the back seat.
Sidewalk Dogs act like they own the sidewalk... they don't.
Bricks Seeds for a house.
Cactus If you get poked by a cactus you become a cactus.
Palm Tree A piece of wood with a salad on top.
Little Flag It reminds you that you're not eating pizza.
Shop Dumpster No explanation needed.
Quadcopter (Broken) I'm gonna skip this one... it's too sad to look at.
Raccoon Tablet Use this to make holes.
Donut Shop Sign Don't try to eat this unless you have friends.
Donut Shop Front One of many raccoon locations.
Donut Shop Back Many holes are delivered from here.
Service Bell Ring this if you get bored.
Cactus (Big) I would switch bodies with a cactus no questions asked.
Quadcopter Poster What's the meaning of life? Who cares when you have a quadcopter?
Trash King Poster The leader of the raccoons in Donut County.
Delivery Screen This is how you know who wants to get owned by a hole.
Soda Can It's protective shell is designed to be impenetrable. No one knows what's inside.
Donut Box There are no donuts at Donut County.
Raccoon Laptop Do laptops dream of their keys falling out?
Standing Desk People aren't meant to sit at a desk all day. They're meant to sit on a horse(?)
Tablet Dock Keep your tablet charged so you don't get bored and go outside.

Abandoned House[]

Entry Description
Battery (D) Really rare food. The "D" stands for delicious.
Bird Cage This is where birds read the newspaper.
Animal Bone Bones are like gears, but for animals. It makes them work.
Bowling Ball It is illegal to hold this without special shoes.
Candle Really bad version of the sun. Tastes ok.
Couch (Dirty) Good for sleeping. Check for food in the cracks.
Instant Noodles It's "Instant" because you instantly regret eating it.
Demon Cat Someone was mean to this cat.
Possum's Desk The drawers are stuffed with MREs and fake IDs.
Dumpster (Dirty) Potentially very good stuff inside.
Fish In Bag A quick snack with drink included.
Flashlight If you tell a scary story without a flashlight, it comes true.
Lawn Chair (Dirty) Good to sleep on, or under.
Lawnmower Scares grass to keep it small.
Mask (Blue) This is a stolen face, that's why it looks mad.
Mask (Green) Masks are the safest way to communicate emotions.
Mask (Red) Pretend to be someone cool.
Mask (Yellow) Everybody wears a mask... except for me.
Mini Fridge An better type of fridge that's lower to the ground and easier to open.
Nightstand During the day it's allowed to relax.
Possum's Camera Standard ghost hunting equipment.
Safe It's "safe" to assume there's something worth stealing inside.
Soda Bottle the brighter the color, the better the flavor.
Tennis Ball (Flat) Somebody must have won the game.

Raccoon Lagoon[]

Entry Description
Fun Flume Log Ever think about all the other types of flumes besides log? I don't.
Fun Flume Camera So many good memories...
Fun Flume (Destroyed) What kind of monster would destroy the Fun Flume?
Water Wheel It's funny how we need water to live... but also to slide.
Construction Cone Cone is an under-utilized and frankly disrespected shape.
Safety Hat Wear this if your website is under construction.
Water Balloon Dispenser Water balloons help you complete the puzzle.
Prize Fish How many hoops do I have to jump through to get fed an entire raw fish??
Water Balloon Water balloons are like normal balloons filled with spite.
Ferris Wheel A pancake you can ride.
Ferris Wheel Chair Don't throw up in this.
Circus Tent A very ugly dress for giants.
Folding Sign Signs are a great way to tell people what to do without actually talking to them.
Theme Park Trash Can A home for used corndogs.
Castle A princess house. Princesses make excellent garbage.
Raccoon Police Scanner Tells you where the crimes are.
Bean Bag Chair Don't let a porcupine sit on this.
Police Hat Gives you the ability to arrest someone for no reason.

The 405[]

Entry Description
Hot Air Balloon Balloons are rude to earth's gravity.
Quadcopter if you have to ask what this is, you shouldn't be working with raccoons.
Quadcopter (Gold) The ultimate status symbol for raccoons.
Traffic Divider Keeps traffic lanes separate so the cars don't kiss each other.
Mouse Car Pull it back and watch it go!
Morning Coffee The secret to good coffee? Scare the beans. You gotta yell at those beans.
Car Jack Cars can't lift their own legs, but you can use this to help.
Traffic Cone If you swear into this, no one will know.
Megaphone If you swear into this, everyone will know.
Instant Camera A camera with the built-in ability to litter.
Old Timey Car I'm looking for investors to fund my drive-thru haunted house.
Classic Convertible Imagine the haunted house that fits into your busy schedule.
Landscaper Truck The only hard part about designing a drive-thru haunted house: how do you scare the cars?
Commuter Car Honestly I think cars are scared of everything, we just can't hear them scream through the mufflers.
Cop Car A car that yells and winks at you.
Rich Person Car Rich people use their cars only once before throwing them away.
Traffic Picnic Table A party zone for ants.

Raccoon HQ[]

Entry Description
Bandit's Note It says "Up, Left, Down, Left, Grab"
Toilet Paper Some fine linens.
Bathroom Coffee A regular coffee, only with a fine layer of bathroom particles on top.
Bathroom Trash Can Someone put food trash in here. Someone wonderful.
Keycard Feed this to a door to make it nice.
Employee Phone An ancient Wrong Number machine.
Front Desk Succulent A cactus that someone cruelly plucked out the spikes from.
Employee Manual This book has workplace tips, tricks, and cheat codes in it.
Battery (C) A tasty, long-lasting treat that will melt your mouth but not your hand.
Broken Microscope A tube to nowhere.
Beaker An empty popsicle.

Biology Lab[]

Entry Description
Test Tubes Some kind of musical instrument for nerds only.
Beaker A cup you can never put down.
Employee Donut This donut is really earning its keep.
Science Tablet There's fingerprints all over the screen. You'd think scientists would wash their hands more.
Science Clipboard Scientists may look like they're taking notes, but they're just drawing cool skulls.
Microscope Use this to spy on nude microbes.
Animal Cage A hotel for animals, only they hate it.
Lab Cool Snake This spaghetti was arrested for being mean.
Lab Fly A small and extremely hideous bird.
Lab Frog Frogs do a few questionable things but they're otherwise perfect.
Lab Seagull A dirty bird that was caught stealing french fries.
Lab Cockroach This piece of dirt has legs.
Lab Bunny (Big) A hardened criminal with no shame.
Lab Bunny (Small) A hardened criminal with a little bit of shame.

Raccoon HQ[]

Entry Description
Cement Block A piece of luxury furniture.
Bomb (Small) Blows up a small amount of stuff.
Bomb (Big) Blows up a large amount of stuff.
Hacking Device The hacker's code requires that when you hack into a mainframe, you gotta say "I'm in."
Tornado Sometimes when a cloud flushes a toilet, things get out of control.
Raccoon HQ (Broken) Well... I guess I don't have a job any more.
Boss Head Unit Hopefully you learned something from the Trashopedia.
Boss Cement Mixer Actually, I don't really care lol. I made most of this up.
Boss Propeller Trash King paid me practically nothing to write these.
Boss Bazooka Oh well lol.
Key to Donut County Thanks for playing!